6 Benefits of Physical Therapy

Did you know that there are nine different categories of physical therapy? From wound care to pediatric physical therapy, physical therapists can specialize in different styles of care. Professional physical therapy can help ease your pain and speed up your recovery.

If you’ve been looking into finding a physiotherapist, we’re here to help. Here are six of the greatest benefits of physical therapy.

1. Quicker Recovery

One of the most common reasons to seek professional physical therapy is to help quicken your recovery. By helping you stay mobile and exercising, physical therapy aids your body in naturally recovering from an injury.

It also helps you stay healthy by not letting you remain stagnant. After a surgery or injury, it’s easy to remain in bed or on the couch doing nothing while you heal.

Doing so can make you heal slower because of your body not being as active as it needs to be. Physical therapy helps quicken your body’s natural healing by keeping you active and moving.

2. Pain Management

Physical therapy is often recommended or prescribed to help lessen the pain that a patient may experience. Many practitioners have used physical therapy as pain management to avoid prescribing painkillers. Such a practice is common when the prescription would include highly addictive opioids.

Physical therapy can help ease pain in several ways. The most dominant is that it leads to a healthier body. A healthier body can lead to solving the source of the pain, such as a pinched nerve or weakened muscles.

Physical therapy also eases other issues, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. The therapy can help to ease inflammation and teach the patient ways to handle tasks without aggravating their condition. It’s an excellent way to suppress pain long-term without having to rely on medication.

3. Better Balance And Flexibility

As your body heals and improves through physical therapy, you may find it better than before. Most physical therapy regimens will include stretching and movements meant to aid muscles in growing. These exercises will help improve your flexibility so that you can bend, stretch, reach, and move easier without the risk of harming yourself.

Physical therapy schools teach exercises that will help with balance as well. Such a benefit is especially useful for elderly patients or those that may have motor issues. By improving your balance, you lessen the risk of a fall, helping to avoid worsening your injury with a nasty spill.

Enrolling in physical therapy will have long-term benefits for your body as a whole. Improving your balance and flexibility will lead to a happier, healthier you.

4. Avoiding Future Surgeries

If you’re getting physical therapy post-surgery, you’re on track to not need another surgery and restart the process! Proper physical therapy can help your body heal after surgery much better than it would without. In doing so, you reduce the risk of needing corrective surgery after healing improperly, such as with a broken bone.

However, physical therapy can also help you avoid surgery altogether. Many conditions, such as tendinitis, arthritis, and fractures, will benefit from physical therapy.

These conditions often require surgery and sometimes are beyond a permanent fix. The same is true for relatively minor muscular issues like strains and sprains. In these situations, surgery can have you out of commission for a month or more.

Many athletes will opt for physical therapy with these conditions rather than surgery to avoid being unable to exercise for a lengthy period. For the average person, surgery can also accrue medical debt and leave you unable to work.

Physical therapy can help you avoid these surgeries so that you don’t lose any of your productivity. Your quality of life may benefit from the exercises of physical therapy rather than a full surgery. Speak to your doctor to see if you can avoid surgery by having physical therapy instead.

5. Preventing Injuries

There’s more to physical therapy than just recovering from injuries. Though many people see physical therapy as something to enroll in to recover from injury or surgery, it can work to prevent injuries as well.

Your physical therapist can help you form a daily set of exercises to keep your body healthy. Such exercises can strengthen your muscles and body to reduce the chance of strain. Special diets and exercises can make your bones stronger to avoid fractures or breaks.

For those of us with motor impairments, these exercises can prevent the risks of falling. By improving your balance and motor skills, physical therapy can stop you from taking a nasty spill. Falling is one of the top causes of injury in the elderly, so helping you stay upright can help you avoid an unnecessary injury.

6. Structuring Your Day

When you’re recovering, it’s easy to fall into a malaise. When this happens, you can lose track of days and have your mental state plummet.

Physical therapy can help give you something to keep your days scheduled. Though it only takes an hour or so per session, having the daily or weekly exercises to look forward to is great for your mental health. These exercises will strengthen both your body and mind to keep you in top shape.

Benefits Of Physical Therapy

Whether you’re getting physical therapy to prevent injury or recover from one, there are countless benefits.

If you have further questions about the benefits of physical therapy, please contact us. You can also browse our informative site to learn more.