About Us

We’re The Injury Care Center (ICC), the leader in providing medical services to those injured at work or other accidents.

Our staff are all specialists in their field with years of training and experience including multiple board-certified physicians and specialists. We also provide speciality-trained physical therapists and chiropractors who render treatment to professional athletes. As an industrial athlete, that goes to work everyday and provides for your family; upon injury…you deserve the same care!

ICC Started With a Simple Idea

We want to provide all patients with the best possible medical services in a supportive, caring and educational atmosphere to allow you to achieve your goals. ICC believes healthcare should be about helping people get, stay and be well while providing your right to healthcare. ICC believes strongly in serving the communities where we grew up. Whether it’s the construction worker from Kensington who was injured on the job or the truck driver from Delco who was in an accident, YOU deserve to be treated properly.

“The Injury Care Center has an obligation to do all we can as physicians to help each patient by providing comfort, health and recovery. I make this commitment to every patient that walks through the door.”

-Dr. William T. Ingram

1-On-1 Care

Manual Therapy

Why Choose ICC

We know how hard you work and understand what happens when you get injured—that’s why we developed a culture that will work as hard for you as you do for your family—that’s why we treat you like family.

We’re Proven

We’re the best in the Delaware valley and have been providing care to injured individuals for more than 30 years.

We’re Qualified

We utilize only the best doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and assistants. All staff are fully licensed and qualified and specialists in their given field of expertise.

We’re Understanding

We understand the complexity of your injuries and recognize the intricacy of a workers’ compensation or auto claim. We understand all the issues and work collaboratively with local attorney groups who are trusted.

We’re Collaborative

We work only with the best medical specialist, orthopedics, neurologists, pain management and psychologists as well as diagnostic groups for MRI, CT Scans, EMG, FCE, Concussion and balance testing.

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