What Doctor Should I See After a Car Accident?

Each year, over 2.5 million people around the world are injured in a car accident. Getting into a car accident can have serious, life-altering implications.

Some injuries are minor, while others are quite severe. Even more frighteningly, some injuries may seem minimal, but can be very damaging and potentially life-threatening.

Therefore, it is imperative to see a doctor after a car accident. You may wonder what type of doctor(s) to see. Continue to learn more.

Accident Scope’s Role in Determining a Doctor

An accident’s scope plays a central role in what doctor or doctors to contact. The first step after an accident is determining what areas of your body are in pain or feel discomfort.

If your accident is severe enough, you may be rushed to the hospital immediately. No matter the magnitude of your accident, if you experience pain or discomfort, it is wise to get examined.

Proper care after an accident has no black and white answer. The steps to move forward will be determined by your injury and dictate what different doctors or therapists to contact.

Below are a few common medical or alternative treatment professionals who help people who have been in car accidents daily.


One type of doctor who specializes in neck and back pain is a chiropractor. Chiropractors are trained to treat conditions or incidents relating to the spine.

These doctors perform a treatment called an adjustment. Adjustments can be customized based on your needs and injury. Chiropractors also often have specialized equipment that can provide bodily relief.

To help design and plan a course of action for you, chiropractors often request that you go through specific testing, including x-rays. This will allow them to see where the injury took place and what would be the appropriate treatment.

Once a chiropractor determines a course of action, he or she will suggest how many times per week or month to come into the office. Many individuals see chiropractors frequently and develop a pleasant relationship with their doctor.


If you injure your head during an accident, it is imperative to get it examined in a hospital or, if needed, by a neurologist. A head injury of any degree is not something to take lightly.

Even if you feel okay, a head injury can cause a brain hemorrhage. This is more commonly referred to as internal bleeding. Without immediate correction, a brain hemorrhage will result in death.

If detected early, there are emergency surgeries that can attempt to correct the brain injury.

Many individuals who are involved in a brain injury endure a concussion. This will be determined by a hospital doctor or a specialist. Once a specialist determines there is no internal bleeding, this is a major relief and step forward.

An inevitable repercussion of a head injury is consistent headaches or pain for a period. A neurologist or even a chiropractor will provide some guidance on how to limit the pain.

Massage Therapist

Massages have many positive health benefits, especially for those involved in a car accident.

A massage therapist will determine what to focus on depending on the part of your body that was injured. Not only will the therapist work on the specific area of injury, but surrounding areas for overall wellbeing and health.

You can choose how often you see a massage therapist. Some individuals may get massaged a few times a week, while others get worked on a couple of times a month.

Most massage therapists, like chiropractors, create a customized course of action for you. This will provide guidance on how often to get massaged.

Physical Therapist

When involved in an injury, a physical therapist is a great person to have on your recovery team.

Physical therapy can make all the difference. Millions of Americans who have been involved in car accidents have recovered successfully because of consistent and reliable physical therapy.

What will a physical therapist do for you? He or she will help you complete critical exercises and activities to retrain your body after an accident. The therapist will monitor your progress and update activities accordingly.

These exercises and activities will not only help in the overall recovery process, but will support your long-term well-being.

Combination of Treatments May Be Vital After a Car Accident

Often, a car accident victim receives treatment from a chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist. The combined treatments can be the perfect package for recovery.

The three medical and alternative treatment professionals have often collaborated. They are each reaching towards the same goal and that is your recovery.

Car accident victims who have experienced substantial injuries have seen the positive effects of a multifaceted recovery plan. Each professional can contribute their unique expertise and work side by side to help you move forward from your accident.

Invest in You and Receive the Care You Deserve

An injury after a car accident is something you have to be proactive about. To ensure your health for years to come, take the steps necessary to heal and recover correctly.

Contacting a chiropractor, neurologist, massage therapist, and/or physical therapist is an investment in yourself. With their care and monitoring, you can work towards overcoming your injury.

Medical and alternative treatment professionals find a great sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in partnering with you, so do not be afraid to contact a doctor or therapist to receive medical help.

To learn more about doctors or therapists you can work with and what treatment options are available for you, please contact us today.