After an Auto Accident Injury Chester, PA, What Should I do?

While a car accident can occur suddenly, many of the logistics afterward can be time consuming and complicated. A common first step after a car accident is completing an accident report. Even though Pennsylvania is a no-fault insurance state, a report many need to be filed with the police, the DMV, and your insurance company. 


How do I File a Car Crash Report in Pennsylvania?

Under Pennsylvania statutes, an automobile driver who is in an accident is required to file a report within five days of the crash. To file a report, a person would need to collect information on the other parties involved in the crash. Specifically, their name, address and phone number, driver’s license number, and insurance policy number. 

Information about the vehicles involved in the incident is also needed. For instance, a report will need to include the make, model, and body style of the car, its license plate and vehicle identification number (VIN), as well as a detailed description of the damage that occurred during the accident. 


When Should Law Enforcement Officers be Notified of a Crash? 

When a car crash involves the injury or death of any person or damage to any vehicle involved to the extent that it cannot be driven, the drivers must immediately call the nearest police department. This type of crash is considered a serious accident, and the police will create the accident report.


What are the Benefits of Filing an Accident Report?

In Pennsylvania, the law no longer requires police to respond to the scene of an accident where there is no injury or serious damage to property. Many minor accidents also do not need to be reported to the Police or the DOT. However, it is in your best interest to file a report even if you caused the accident.


Damage to a vehicle is not easily determined on the side of the road, and some physical injuries can materialize weeks later. Filing a report will help protect you if an involved party eventually decides to file a claim or exaggerate their damages. Finally, your insurance may require you to report all accidents, and not doing so could void your coverage.


Seeking Medical Treatment After an Accident

If you are injured in the accident, seeking help from not only law enforcement officers to draft and submit an accident report, but also seeking medical treatment is critically important. Even if you do not feel particularly injured on the scene, it is important to see a medical doctor to ensure that you do not have hidden injuries. 

If you are obviously injured, seeking help from the Injury Care Center can help you heal and return to normalcy. The professionals at the injury care center focus on rehabilitative injury care with a specific focus on the needs of the patient. We have a variety of offerings to help ensure your rehabilitative success. For more information about how the Injury Care Center can help you after an accident,  contact us today.