Aquatic Therapy

Are you having pain due to a car accident or work injury? Are you having trouble performing basic activities of daily living as a result of you injury? Are you frustrated by a lack of progress in a land based Physical Therapy program that causes increased pain and a fear of increasing pain when performing exercise, aerobic conditioning and functional activity? Are you looking for a way to exercise with less pain and improved ease of movement?

If the answer is yes to these questions is yes, let me suggest an alternative Physical Therapy treatment for you. Lets’ try Aquatic Physical Therapy here at the Injury Care Center for your car accident or work injury. We offer a state of the art heated Therapeutic pool complete with an underwater treadmill and Static swim machine. I know what your next question probably is, Aren’t pools just for swimming and escaping the heat of the summer or having fun while on vacation? Yes they are, but a Therapeutic pool is a great way to exercise in a safe controlled environment with less pain and greater ease of movement with a decreased fear of increasing pain. Our Staff of Physical Therapists/ Physical Therapist Assistants and Chiropractors are highly skilled and specialized in Aquatic treatment and exercise that will help you get the maximum benefit out of your customized and injury specific Aquatic treatment program that will be appropriate for you level of exercise and functional activity.

How you ask can exercising in the pool decrease my pain and help me improve my functional ability? Here at the Injury Care Center we utilize a state of the art therapeutic pool that is heated to a comfortable Ninety degrees. How does the warm water help? The warm water is a great way to relax your body and help increase blood flow through out your body. Also due to the Buoyancy of the water you will have increased ROM of your joints because the effects of gravity on your body will be reduced which will make exercise less painful and easier to perform, the increased ability to exercise will allow for greater blood flow to the affected joints and musculature which will help relax the muscles. Aerobic conditioning will be much easier in the pool due to Buoyancy. Also, you will be able to walk with less pressure on the joints which helps decrease pain and improved balance and increased reaction time which will reduce the fear of moving and falling while in the pool.

Strengthening exercise will also easier and less painful in the pool, You will be able to move you upper and lower extremities much easier due to the Buoyancy of the water and since water is generally six hundred more times resistive than air you will be able to strengthen in a safer environment, as you get stronger we can introduce foam water weights that will make the exercise more difficult via water displacement, which makes it harder to move the weight through the water which helps improve strength for both the upper and lower extremities.

Aerobic conditioning can also be progressed from walking in the pool to our underwater treadmill when regular walking gets easy. The underwater treadmill works the same way as a regular treadmill but is easier to walk safer and faster than on land due to the Buoyancy of the water and decreased stress on the joints, we also have a static swim machine in our pool that will literally allow our patients to swim in place at a comfortable pace for them. The improved aerobic conditioning will help decrease pain through increased blood flow and functional performance.

Once you are ready to progress from the pool to a land based Physical Therapy exercise/ treatment program for your continued care for your car accident or work injury we here at the Injury Care Center also offer a state of the art clinic here under the direct supervision of our skilled, educated, committed and caring staff Physical Therapists/ Physical Therapist Assistants and Chiropractors that will continue to improve your strength and functional performance.

To summarize, if you are frustrated by pain that limits your ability to perform functional activity and lack of progress with a land based Physical Therapy program due to your car accident or work injury please consider our aquatic based Physical Therapy program in our state of the art Therapeutic heated pool with underwater Treadmill and Static swim machine. We are able to safely treat a variety of injuries in our pool, and our professional staff will customize a specific Aquatic exercise program that will help you improve your strength/ aerobic conditioning and functional performance in a safe environment, you will be instructed and supervised one on one by one of our staff while in the pool, we offer convenient hours Monday through Friday, we have a full locker and shower for you to use while you are here.

Thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer here at the Injury Care Center via our Aquatic Physical Therapy program. We hope you choose us to help you recover from you injury and regain your independence with functional activities/ Activities of daily living/ Work duties and recreational activities. We look forward to seeing you!

Author: Brian Kane PTA

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