Back Injury Treatment


Are you suffering through low back pain that is causing you to be unable to work or perform the most basic activities of daily living? Did you suffer a Back Injury at Work, a motor vehicle accident, or because of a personal injury?

If you have and you are looking to get Physical Therapy to treat your back injury we would like to offer our services here at the Injury Care Center. Who are we you ask? We are a Physical Therapy provider with state of the art facilities that are staffed with a highly trained, skilled, and compassionate and motivated clinical staff that are here to treat your back injury.

If you choose us here at the Injury Care Center you will be evaluated one on one by one of our fully state licensed Physical Therapists. During your initial visit we will get to know you, the history and mechanism of your back injury, your goals for Physical Therapy, and how it is affecting your ability to work and perform your activities of daily living. We will establish an individualized and injury specific treatment program with focus on pain relief, improved flexibility and functional strength and a return to independence with work duties and functional activities. We will educate you in proper body mechanics, management of your symptoms at home, and an injury specific home exercise program that will help you to improve your flexibility and strength. Here at the Injury Care Center we feel that patient education is an integral part to back injury recovery and reduces the risk of re-injury.

Now let us look at the treatment we offer here at the Injury Care Center. We can offer an extensive and comprehensive treatment program for your back injury. We will start with Therapeutic Modalities which are devices we use to treat your symptoms to help decrease pain and improve blood flow and flexibility. Below will be a brief description of the Modalities we offer:

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound: Therapeutic Ultrasound utilizes a sound wave to provide deep heating to the soft tissue at the injury site to improve blood flow to muscles/ Tendons/ Ligaments and the Joint which helps with pain relief and flexibility.
  • Laser Therapy: Laser Therapy is used to modify damaged tissue via Laser Light to stimulate cellular metabolism which helps quicken the healing process of the body’s injured cells and surrounding tissue.
  • Electrical Stimulation: Electrical Stimulation is used to help manage both acute and chronic pain. This modality uses a Therapeutic electrical current to help block pain signals coming from the brain to the injured area of the body which helps with pain reduction.
  • Mechanical Lumbar Traction: Mechanical Traction uses a machine to gently pull on the hips to stretch the Back to take pressure the discs in the back which helps to relieve pain and reduce the effects of gravity on the body. This helps the body to heal.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization: We utilize Therapeutic Massage and Tool assisted soft tissue mobilization to improve soft tissue mobility and improve blood flow to the injured area which helps decrease pain and increase flexibility.
  • Therapeutic Strapping/ Taping: Therapeutic Taping utilizes elastic tape being applied to the injured area to promote an increase in blood flow to help decrease pain in the area.

Now let us talk about the therapeutic exercise portion of your Rehabilitation program. As part of your program our clinicians will instruct you in a Therapeutic Exercise program with focus on improving flexibility, decreasing pain and improving functional performance both at work and home. You will be instructed in the proper and safe way to perform the following as appropriate for your back injury:

  • Active Range of Motion/ stretching exercise are used to improve the flexibility of the Low Back and Lower Extremities. This increases your range of motion, increases blood flow and decreases pain. As you progress stretches will be added to your home program to maintain your flexibility at home.
  • Lumbar (Low Back)/ Core stabilization and strengthening program: These exercises are utilized with focus on activating the core muscles to improve strength and stability of your core and lower extremities. This will help to decrease pain and improve your functional performance.
  • Matrix Exercise Equipment: We offer a full line of state of the art Matrix Exercise Equipment. Our clinicians will instruct you in proper form and body mechanics when using the Matrix equipment to improve your functional strength which will improve your ability to perform both activities of daily living and work-related activity.
  • Aerobic Exercise: We also utilize aerobic exercise via Treadmill/ Exercise bike (both upright and recumbent) and Upper Body Ergometer (UBE/ arm bike). You will use our aerobic equipment to improve blood flow through an active warm-up which will improve endurance/ functional performance/ flexibility and help decrease pain.
  • Aquatic Exercise Program: We are also able to provide an Aquatic based exercise program in our state of the art Therapeutic pool. An aquatic exercise program is a great way to get a patient who has too much pain or too uncomfortable performing a land-based exercise program to start exercising in a safe environment. The buoyancy of the water decreases the effects of gravity on the body which makes exercise easier to perform while still achieving the desired effects of the exercise program. Our pool also has an underwater treadmill and swim current machine to work on aerobic conditioning which helps improve endurance and functional performance.
  • Work Reintegration: Our clinicians will design a Job specific work reintegration program with focus on proper/ safe body mechanics while performing simulated work specific activities. This allows you to re-train your body to safely perform work activities and decrease the chance of re-injury.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to see what we have to offer here at The Injury Care Center to treat your back injury. I hope you will choose us to treat your injury, help you feel better and get back to your normal daily activities and Get back to work without being limited by your back injury.

Author: Brian Kane PTA

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