What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

In 2018, over 47.5 million people got massages in the United States. Massages provide many more benefits other than relaxation. In fact, many health care providers will recommend that their patients get massages to help improve their health conditions.

Massage therapy can help with everything from injury rehab to work-related injuries and even car accident injuries.

Do you want to learn more about how medical massage therapy can improve your well-being? Keep reading this article to learn more about the top benefits of massage therapy!

Lowers Stress

One of the primary reasons people visit a massage therapist is that they can help you lower your stress. When you are dealing with stress, it can have long-term effects on your body.

Getting a massage from a massage therapist can help you relieve your stress, as well as treat the conditions that are associated with stress, like tension headaches.

As you get a massage, you will find that you have increased endorphins and serotonin. Massage therapy can also help you decrease the stress hormone, known as cortisol.

Improves Circulation and Energy

Another important benefit of massage therapy is that it can help you improve your blood circulation. Good circulation is necessary to heal damaged or sore muscles, as they provide oxygenated blood that your muscles need to heal.

As you get a massage, your massage therapist will use manual pressure to move the blood through congested areas of your body. This will lead to better circulation in your entire body and will help your muscles relax.

Having improved circulation will also help you increase your energy. This is because your blood will provide nutrients and oxygen to each part of your body, making it easier to move your body.

Improves Immunity

Next, massage therapy can improve the function of your immune system.

One reason massages improve immunity is that they increase the activity of your body’s T cells, which are the cells that help your body fight viruses. Plus, regular massage therapy can improve your blood flow.

As your blood circulation improves, your body will flush the toxins out of your body and increase the activity of your white blood cells. This will help your body fight diseases and other sicknesses.

Finally, getting a lymphatic massage can help you improve your immune function. It helps you drain fluid from your body into your blood circulation and can get rid of waste in your cells.

Massage therapy will also increase the production of lymphocytes in your blood, which is a type of white blood cell that defends your body from illness and diseases.

Helps With Pain Management & Muscle Tension

Many people get massages to help ease their pain. Because of this, many doctors will recommend massage therapy to help with chronic pain or to ease pain from other conditions, like cancer.

First, massage therapy will help relax your muscles and will decrease your tension. This will help your body relax and will ease your pain.

Plus, massage therapy helps improve your circulation. This increased blood flow will encourage faster healing and will remove waste products from your cells. During your massage, the manual treatment and pressure will help you facilitate healing.

If you are dealing with muscle soreness, strain, or even joint pain, getting a massage can help provide temporary relief.

Finally, massage therapy can help you relax both your mind and body, which may block your pain receptors and ease your pain. If you are looking for a solution for your pain management, getting regular massage therapy can help.

Improves Flexibility

Getting a massage can also help improve your range of motion and increase your flexibility! This is especially true with sports massage, as this focuses on improving your movement functionality.

Plus, the improved circulation from massage can help your muscles relax, which makes it easier to move them.

Helps With Mental Health

Massage therapy also can be a solution for those who struggle with their mental health. Getting regular massages can help you lower your stress hormone, also known as cortisol.

Plus, massages can help increase serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Each of these additional benefits can help make you happier and improve your overall mental health.

Improves Sleep

Finally, massage therapy can help you improve your sleep. Whether you have a sleeping condition or simply want to have better sleep, massage therapy is a superb choice.

As mentioned before, massage therapy can help your muscles relax and it can lower your stress and anxiety. Because massages lead to increased serotonin production, you will also feel more calm feelings after your massage. This makes it easier to fall asleep.

If you want to overcome insomnia or other sleep-related issues, massage therapy is a great way to do this without having to take medication.

There are many self-massage routines you can follow to improve your circulation and relax.

Experience the Benefits of Massage Therapy Today

Massage therapy provides many benefits, from pain management to improved mental health and more. If injured, finding a care center that offers massage therapy can help you recover.

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