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Many people think they only need to see a Chester chiropractor if they are experiencing neck or back pain. While these are clear signals your body is sending that you need help, there are other signs, as well. Unfortunately, many do not recognize these as signals that something is wrong and so, they do not know to go get treatment.


Using a drug-free, non-invasive approach, chiropractors treat and diagnose a variety of conditions. They can help you become more proactive about your health and after just a few sessions, you will understand how important chiropractic care really is.

Signs You Need a Chiropractor


Being able to pick up on the signals your body is sending you is critical when determining whether or not you need to see a chiropractor. Many people take medication every day or use ice packs for pain flare-ups without realizing that these are all signs that something is wrong. Other people are simply very active, placing a great deal of stress and strain on their bodies every day. In these situations and more, there are many people who can benefit from chiropractic care.


If you have ever thought about seeing a chiropractor, here are the top 10 signs that you should:

  • You get headaches regularly
  • You suffer from joint or muscle pain
  • You sit for long periods of time every day
  • You suffer from chronic back pain
  • The soles of your shoes have different wear marks
  • You have been in a car or workplace accident
  • There is a sharp, shooting pain in your legs
  • You are very active
  • You are proactive about your health

Once you know that something is wrong, you can then visit an experienced Chester chiropractor who can help you do something about it.


How Chiropractors Diagnose Problems


A chiropractic diagnosis all starts with a conversation. During the initial consultation a chiropractor will ask you for information about your overall health and take a full medical history. He or she will speak to you about any pain you are currently feeling, any conditions you suffer from, and what the cause of your pain is, such as if you were in a car accident. A chiropractor will also ask you about your lifestyle, such as if your job requires you to sit for a long period of time, and about your diet and general activity level.


It is at this visit that you should also ask any questions you have. You have likely thought of some since booking the initial appointment, so write them down and make sure you bring your list with you. Chiropractors are happy to answer any questions you have. They want to help you become more proactive about your health.


After speaking to you, a chiropractor may want to see how your body moves. This will give them insight into any alignment problems, a limited range of motion, or any other issue that can help them form a diagnosis. Chiropractors typically evaluate posture and may ask you to turn from side to side or lift an object. During the appointment a chiropractor may also conduct a muscle test.


As a healthcare professional, chiropractors also often take X-rays when forming a diagnosis. For certain conditions, a chiropractor may also send you for additional tests such as an MRI, CT scan, or bone scan.


All of this will allow a Chester chiropractor to identify one or more issues, such as:

  • Back sprain or strain
  • Cervicogenic headaches, which are caused by neck pain
  • Coccydynia, or pain in the tailbone of the spine
  • Degenerative disc disease, typically caused by aging
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Myofascial pain, a chronic pain disorder
  • Piriformis syndrome, if this muscle agitates the sciatic nerve
  • Sciatica
  • Limb length discrepancies
  • Spinal osteoarthritis
  • Whiplash

After a diagnosis is made, the chiropractor can then get you on a treatment plan that will have you feeling better in just a few sessions.


How Chiropractors Treat Problems


When people think of chiropractors, they often think of someone who makes spinal adjustments, also called spinal manipulations. However, there are a number of other treatments chiropractors perform, as well, depending on the nature and severity of the condition in question.


Nearly every chiropractic treatment plan will include some type of therapeutic exercise. These are strengthening exercises that can help reduce pain, promote joint health, and give patients a better range of motion. Chiropractors typically review these exercises with you and once you are comfortable with the movements, will have you start doing them on your own. Therapeutic stretching is also often done to prevent scar tissue from forming, particularly after an accident.


Spinal traction is a type of treatment that applies traction devices to different areas of the spine. This gently separates the vertebrae, reducing pain and pressure on nerves, and decompresses the discs.


Chiropractors often use methods known as the Active Release Technique or Graston Technique. Both types of treatment require the chiropractor to use a hands-on approach while manually manipulating soft tissues. This can help improve the function of those tissues.


Chiropractors also use electrical stimulation to stimulate muscles that spasm or are suffering from another condition, such as atrophy. Small electrical pulses are sent into the muscles through electrodes that are placed on the skin. There are many different methods used in electrical stimulation and a chiropractor will determine which is best after making his or her diagnosis.


Lastly, while treating patients, chiropractors will also offer counseling on lifestyle medications and diet and nutritional needs. They may recommend patients exercise more, improve their diets, and reduce the amount of medication they are taking. All of these will help correct the problem even when the patients are not in the chiropractor’s office, and help prevent problems from recurring in the future.


Contact a Chester Chiropractor Before Problems Appear


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