Injury Care Center Patient Story: Returning To Work After A Back Injury

What you’re about to read is a real story, from a real client, unedited.

If you were injured at work and need help, don’t hesitate to call the Injury Care Center today.

Patient Name: Bob R.

“When I was first injured, I was devastated. I wasn’t sure where to turn or who to talk to about getting better.

I never thought I would be involved in a work related accident.

Of course there have been times when I have had some aches and sprains, but never to the point where I found myself injured enough to seek professional medical care.

I am so glad that when this accident did happen, I was involved with the Injury Care Center.

They helped me to overcome my injuries with compassion and continued support.

I would recommend them to anyone who might be unfortunate enough to go through this process of a work related injury. 

My name is Bob R., and I was a patient at The Injury Care Center after I injured myself working for the Postal Service.

It was during a cold winter after a storm when I was injured. I was performing my normal duties delivering the mail throughout the city when I fell.

The steps I had been climbing on to deliver mail to a certain home were icy.

This was my downfall both literally and figuratively.

Even though I am a fairly young individual, only in my thirties, the shock of falling and the injury to my back was very real.

I could not even get up on my own for the first ten minutes.

Once I was able to stand I noticed that I had immediate pain in my back and down my leg.

I was terrified. I had a whole shift to finish, but there was no way I was going to be able to carry that mail bag and deliver with this injury.

So I called my job to report the injury. 

After reporting my injury I was still nervous about what this would mean for my job and my family.

I have been working since I was a teenager.

I never really took any time off for illnesses or injuries, so this was brand new territory.

Getting sent to the Injury Care Center was the best thing to happen to me.

I was referred there and went for my initial visit.

The physician evaluated me first, and I was grateful to speak with someone who understood and listened to me when I spoke.

I felt like he really took my best interest to heart and was very understanding of my predicament.

He very calmly and patiently explained that although I was anxious to get back to work, I did not want to risk injuring myself even further.

My next step would be to get some imaging done of my back to make sure nothing was broken and be evaluated by the rehab staff.

Thee nerves started all over again.

I was thinking to myself what can I possibly do in rehab at this time?

I felt like I could not even walk right let along do exercises.

But I went in with an open mind. 

The rehab provider I saw was very understanding and gentle during the first visit, which I appreciated.

I felt that she really took her time evaluating me and tracking exactly what injuries I had.

I also appreciated that she took the time to listen to not only the exact work duties I would have to get back to, but the functional things I would need to return to as well with my three children.

We were able to set up some realistic goals together which was great.

I was still a little nervous about what exactly I would be able to do in my injured state.

She quickly alleviated those fears explaining that the first part of my therapy would consist of easing my pain.

Once we got that under control, we would be able to move onto getting my flexibility and range of motion back.

This was great to hear, because I was getting pretty tired of having my wife help me tie my own sneakers since I could not bend over all the way.

After that, she informed me that we would work to get my strength back to where it was before I was injured.

This was an extremely important aspect to my plan of care because my job requires me to do a lot of lifting and walking.

I finally felt like I was ready to tackle this recovery process!

Starting my rehab was tough.

I felt like I had never played any sports in my life!

It was a little like re-learning how to stretch and move with some added fear of pain.

But once again, the staff at the Injury Care Center was great.

They were there through every step of the process providing me with encouragement, and at times some tough love when I needed a push.

I appreciated all of the education they helped me with too.

I was given a lot of pointers on how I should be lifting and carrying my mail materials to avoid any further injury.

They even had me bring in my mail bag to practice with!

I really felt like a lot of attention was paid to getting back to my best fitness level.

Along each step of the way, the rehab staff and physicians kept open communication channels and allowed me to express myself.

Even when I experienced a set back, they were understanding and helped me to recover and continue along my road to return to work.

When all was said and done, I was able to return to full duty full time without increased pain in my back.

I felt stronger and more flexible than before my injury.

I also felt like I was prepared to perform my work with a new mindset.

I was provided with pictures and equipment to perform my exercises at home which helped me to remain in shape when I was discharged.

While no one wants to go through this process, I am so glad that when It happened to me, I was in the caring hands of the Injury Care Center. ” – Bob