Lets talk about nutrition


Let’s talk about nutrition. Here at the Injury Care Center our primary concern is the patient as a whole. Yes, we see patient’s everyday with different injuries but we are interested in enhancing the quality of a patient’s life, not just recovering from their injuries.


Nutrition, what is it and why is it important. Simply put, nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients in food and how it helps in our overall health. Nutrition plays a vital role in our health. How we feel throughout the day depends on what types of foods we decide to eat. To reach our full potential we must develop a disciplined approach to eating. How disciplined are you with nutrition? Ask yourself these questions.

Do you…

  • Eat Breakfast?
  • Eat at least three meals a day?
  • Consume a nutritious snack between meals?
  • Drink water?
  • Eat fruit daily?
  • Eat vegetables daily?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself if you are interested in improving your nutrition and overall health.  It’s not just by chance that people who eat a nutritional balanced diet live longer, look younger, perform better, and experience less illnesses. With that being said, poor health, a lower quality of life, and premature death can result from long term precarious eating habits. Having an interest in a sound nutritional diet can avoid some of these issues.

There are no magic pills or potions available that can substitute a well-balanced diet. The only secret formula is having the discipline to eat a balanced diet of normal foods every day. Everyone wants to run to some kind of health food store to purchase vitamins or some kind of supplement to help them be or get healthier. The truth of the matter is, the best health food store is your local neighborhood grocery store. The prices are cheaper and the quality of the food is superior to supplements.

There are three key components in training your body to become healthier. These three rules are important to follow to get your body to become efficient, strong, and healthy.


  1. Balance your daily intake of protein, carbs, and fat
  2. Eat frequently throughout the day
  3. Proper portion control


Balancing your daily carbs, proteins, and fats is the first most important rule that needs to be followed because it requires you to consume the basic nutrients needed for your body to perform at its peak. We are not going to get into the specifics of these nutrients that your body needs but rather give a general guideline on where to start. Although at the Injury Care Center we are able inform patients about specific macro and micro nutrients to help our them lead a healthier lifestyle, this is just a guideline to get started and have a general understanding on a healthier lifestyle. Let’s move on……..

Practicing proper portion control is basically knowing when to stop eating and having an understanding how much to eat. What’s important to understand is how much you should be eating by monitoring your serving sizes.  The basic understanding to this is that if there is less on your plate, you will eat less. Once you master this, your body and mind will recondition itself and feel full with lesser amount of food.

To help with portion control, eating frequently throughout your day allows you to better control your portions and speed up your metabolism. This will allow your body to burn excess calories and fats. Essentially you are tricking your body into thinking that you are feeding it greater amounts of food, hence it will increase its metabolism. Your metabolism is like a furnace. In order to keep the fire burning, you constantly need to put something in there to maintain that heat. Your metabolism isn’t any different. You have to eat throughout the day to keep burning those calories/ fat.

Starting off with these three basic rules is a great beginning to proper health. Now, there is more to this formula of good health that we have not discussed that is vital. For example, types of foods that provide minerals and vitamins that are essential to good health, proper water intake, and the breaking down of carbs, proteins, and fats. At the Injury Care Center we can help our patients understand these basic concepts.


Proper nutrition is important in many ways, including the recovery time of a patient’s injury.  At the Injury Care Center we are not only interested with helping our patients recover from whatever their injuries are, but we are committed to their overall health.


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