Low Back Pain



At The Injury Care Center, we specialize in treating low back pain.  We practice in a working neighborhood, and many of our patients are being injured at work, experiencing injuries in car accidents, sports injuries and other injuries that occurred at home performing normal activities.


Whether the patient has car accident injuries or injuries sustained in the workers compensation arena, the treatment plan is virtually the same.  Our patients present with low back pain commonly and also with pain that radiates into their lower extremities.  Typically, these symptoms are an indication that the patient has injured the ligaments, tendons, nerves or muscles in the low back.  When these injuries involve structures in and around the back, but not the nerves, they tend to involve only the low back.  With nerve involvement, it is common for patients to experience pain that radiates down the leg, even to the foot.  I tell my patients that, very commonly, nerve damage in the low back actually causes predominantly leg symptoms in the form of numbness, tingling, weakness or radiating pain.  This is confusing, because people perceive that they had a back injury; and therefore, the nerve injury associated with that injury should cause back pain.  In fact, this is not true.  At The Injury Care Center, we have physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, physical therapy assistants and many other staff all dedicated to treating patients experiencing car accident injuries and patients that are in the worker’s compensation system.  We understand all of the issues surrounding workers comp.  We help people deal with their inability or limited ability to work, disruption of their personal lives and the psychological consequences of being injured.  We have a psychologist on staff that helps our patients deal with pain and with other issues surrounding being traumatically injured.  The comprehensive nature of our team provides a unique opportunity for patients to receive care in a fashion that yields greater success.  At The Injury Care Center, our #1 goal is helping people recover from their traumatic injuries.  This may involve ordering tests such as MRIs to look for disc problems, nerve testing to look for nerve damage and other tests that will help us define what is wrong with the patient.  When a thorough physical exam and diagnostic testing have been completed, then an intelligent recovery/rehabilitation plan can be put together.  Commonly, these types of injuries require treatment including use of anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant and carefully chosen pain medications as well as physical therapy.  The treatment plan is constructed thoughtfully, considering the patient’s other medical issues, current work status and other personal issues that may influence the choice of medical therapy.


For low back pain, we have a full array of exercise equipment, modalities including heat, laser, aqua massage and many other techniques to help patients recover from these injuries.  At The Injury Care Center, our #1 goal is helping the patients recover from their traumatic injuries as quickly as possible, returning them to a more normal and active lifestyle.  At The Injury Care Center, it is my great joy to spend every day helping people get better and to help them restore their lives!


Author: Dr. William Ingram

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