Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Center in Pennsylvania

What is Durable Medical Equipment (DME)?

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and supplies are usually ordered by a health care provider and are intended for everyday, extended use. Examples of some DME can include oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, crutches, or blood testing strips for diabetics.

Specifically, durable medical equipment is any instrument that provides a definable therapeutic benefit to a patient in need because of diagnosed medical conditions or illnesses.

Durable medical equipment consists of items whose primary use is to aid a medical malady and would not otherwise be useful to a person absent the specific medical condition. Customarily, DME is ordered by a physician or other medical professional and can be reused.

Another important intended use is that this type of medical equipment is appropriate for use at home so patients can have adequate treatment even if they cannot go to the hospital. Some of the most common DME items found in the home can include hospital beds, traction equipment, kidney machines, ventilators, monitors, and pressure mattresses.

Who Pays for DME?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for all types of DME. While Medicaid coverage varies from state to state, the policy for purchasing or renting DME is complicated. For many seniors, Medicaid’s policy for providing certain DMEs is that if the equipment is medically necessary and enables the individual to remain living at home rather than in a nursing home, then it may be covered.

Additionally, if a veteran sustained the disability associated with the need for DME, then Veteran’s Affairs will generally provide financial assistance with a large majority of adaptive equipment and home medical devices. At times other state-level financial aid can help patients cover the costs of the DME, they need to remain as independent as possible.

How do I Install or Move Larger DME Items?

Some medical equipment can be heavy or burdensome to move or operate, so either you or your healthcare provider will have special training on how to operate the specific piece of equipment that is being brought into your home. Additionally, some professionals who install equipment will enter your home and adjust the equipment to fit your needs.

Sometimes using larger pieces of DME in your home can be burdensome and you might begin looking for other options to take some of the stress away from moving, maintaining, and using a specific medical device at home.

How Can Injury Care Center Help?

The Injury Care Center houses many different types of medical equipment including most of the needed DME that you would need to recover from a medical issue or to manage chronic pain. The professionals at the Injury Care Center operate these specific types of equipment regularly and are familiar with how they are supposed to work and how they can be most effective for you.

Further, by working with the Injury Care Center to access treatments on DMEs, you would not have to endure the added stress of securing funding for expensive medical equipment. If you would like more information about how we can help you find a solution to your DME needs, contact us today.

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