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Can Occupational Health Help Prevent Injury?

Generally, occupational health refers to the mitigation of risks arising from physical, chemical, or any other workplace hazards with the goal of creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace environment.

The focus of occupational health policies include prioritizing workers’ health and promoting a sustainably comfortable and functional working environment. One’s working environment should be promoting safety and health in all aspects, all the time.

While occupational health involves a significant amount of prevention, it is important to also act quickly in the event of worker injury. For example, if someone falls, early treatment is key to helping that worker get back on the job as soon as possible. Responding appropriately to injuries at work can help workers begin the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

Your Workplace is Obligated to Promote Occupational Health

Some examples of the responsibilities that managers and employers have to their employees are providing a safe and healthy workplace as well as establishing and implementing a health and safety program in which all employees are trained and certified in best safety practices, including reporting any and all accidents to the appropriate authority.

Since 1986, the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences has supported training and education programs designed to protect workers

Robust occupational health programs are critically important when dealing with chemicals. Since 1986, the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences (NIEHS) has supported training and education programs designed to protect workers and their communities from exposure to toxic materials encountered during hazardous waste operations and chemical emergency responses. This includes safety and health training for workers who are involved in hazardous waste removal and comprehensive training and environmental restoration for residents living near heavily polluted industrial waste sites.

More commonly, reporting dangerous conditions in the workplace can lead to an unsafe environment whereby slips or falls and lead to joint strain or back pain. Building a community in the office that is surrounded with high levels of communication is effective in promoting occupational health. Seeking holistic and individualized treatment in the case of an injury is the most effective method to quickly return to work.

Occupational Health Assessment

An occupational health assessment is a medical examination performed by a medical professional who is certified as an occupational health physician. An assessment can help employers make plans and policies that properly focus on their employee’s health. These assessments can result in recommendations on what adjustments should be considered to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

The Injury Care Center can Support Occupational Health

The Injury Care Center is a treatment facility aimed at rehabilitation and helping patients achieve recovery milestones. The medical professionals at our center understand that even in the safest work environments with excellent occupational health policies, accidents that result in injuries still happen. We also know that your body and joints undergo specific stresses when performing certain repetitive work duties, and we can make appropriate recommendations that will help minimize injury, enhance recovery, and mitigate the dangers of permanent injury. Contact us today for more information on occupational health and how we can help you or your company move forward after an injury.

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