Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Rehabilitative Healing

Physical therapy can help restore movement, reduce pain and prevent the risk of future injury. It is a type of rehabilitative health program that implements exercises and uses equipment to help patients recover their physical capabilities.


What Injuries Require Physical Therapy?

Sports Injuries


Sports injuries can sideline players of all ages and experience levels. Physical therapy can help athletes restore strength and mobility in injured body parts. Therapy can aid in pain management and can limit permanent damage and recurring problems. According to the National Institutes of Health, the most common sports injuries include sprains, strains, knee injuries, swollen muscles, shin splints, fractures, and dislocations.


Seeking professional physical therapy is critical after a sports injury. Those trained to administer physical therapy diagnose problems and evaluate patient progress throughout a treatment plan. It is important to note that visiting a physical therapist prior to an injury can help prevent future problems by learning best practices for stretching and warming up muscles prior to engaging in athletic activity and can lessen the likelihood of injury in the future.


Worksite Injuries


Many of us have physical occupations and with that daily exertion on our bodies, injuries can occur that require physical therapy. After we experience an injury on the job, we need a speedy return-to-work plan.


Many physical demands are placed on construction workers, roofers, plumbers, welders, concrete workers, and other workers with skilled trades. Employees working in all of these jobs are at high risk for work-related injuries. Physical therapy can help quickly alleviate pain from an injury and get you back on the job site.


In fact, one study found that the more quickly an injured worker began physical therapy, the fastest he or she could return to work – specifically, that 94% of people who received same-day access to therapy were able to return to work within 48 hours.


After Surgery


It is natural to want to return to your normal routine after surgery, and physical therapy can get you back on track more quickly and with fewer complications. Care after surgery can start right away because it speeds recovery after many different types of surgeries like joint replacement, heart surgery, or other treatment procedures.


Physical therapy is essential to healing. The stretches and strengthening exercises undertaken during a physical therapy session can help reestablish balance, bodily control, and range of motion. Also, visiting a physical therapist regularly allows a qualified medical professional to frequently view the surgical area and address any problems with an incision or wound immediately.


What Does Physical Therapy Involve?


Undertaking something new, especially in the face of an injury, can be scary. When a patient first meets his or her physical therapist, the goal of establishing mutual lines of communication is paramount.


Usually, at the onset of physical therapy, the patient will undergo a physical examination, which might include questions about his or her medical history. The basic evaluation will also review or measure the patient’s current posture, flexibility, and range of motion so that milestones and goals can be established moving forward.


During the course of physical therapy treatment, a patient will receive self-management guidance, especially in the form of exercises that can be done at home, so even after the course of physical therapy treatment ends, the rehabilitation and strengthening can continue.

Key Services

Our medical doctors will serve as the primary care provider for your injury. They will evaluate your injury and order appropriate diagnostic tests as well as prescribe any treatments aimed at assisting in your recovery.

We offer a fully equipped pain management suite with fluoroscopic guidance allowing for appropriate diagnosis and treatment of your pain condition. This also allows for alternative treatments beyond just taking more medications.

Our team of highly trained orthopedic therapy specialists excel at helping you feel and perform at your best while understanding the demands that daily life can place on your body. We treat all injuries from your head to toe.

Everyone should have access to chiropractic care. We make it convenient and effective by using an integrated healthcare approach for our services. Our chiropractors are specialists in spine and extremity care and will assist in gently helping you recover.

Following injury your body reacts to pain by tensing-up causing spasms and more pain. After examination, our staff will recommend the proper manual therapy techniques to assist in your healing and recovery while reducing pain and spasms.

Some injuries require special medical devices such as braces, splints, walkers, canes or devices to help you recover while at home. Our facilities are equipped to handle those needs in-house thereby eliminating the need to search for help on your own.

Our specialists understand the work environment in great detail. At ICC, we grasp the toll your body and joints undergo when performing specific work duties, whether floating concrete or driving a truck, we can make appropriate recommendations that will keep recovery from injury paramount.

Staff at select locations are certified by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME), to provide DOT testing based on all Federal Guidelines and are aware of the importance of this service in performing your job requirements.

At ICC, we only utilize the best specialists in their field so call us first should you need an orthopedic, neurologist, surgeon, pain management doctor or hand specialist. We only use the same doctors who treat our own family members.

At ICC, we have access and speed passes should you require an MRI, CT scan, X-ray, EMG, Epidural injection, joint injection or trigger point injection. Understanding and documenting the extent of your injury is paramount to us.

We understand that if your car is totaled in an accident that your pain does not wait for care. We will assist in arranging transportation to ensure you receive the care you deserve.

We’ve recognized that there are many providers of care but not many providers WHO CARE!

That is why we wake up every day to serve those in the local community who deserve the best care following work injury, car accident, which results in Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Concussion, Headaches, etc.

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