The Road to Recovery: Stories of Healing and Succeeding

The Road to Recovery Stories of Healing and Succeeding

The Road to Recovery: Stories of Healing and Succeeding

The road to recovery after a serious accident and injury can be long and difficult, but with professionals by your side to help you navigate the way, you are sure to succeed. For example, the following stories of individuals who have been injured and have found their return to a new normal might be an inspiration to you. If you have questions about treatment options and would like to schedule a consultation, contact the Injury Care Center today. 


Athlete Faces Critical Injury and Experiences Remarkable Recovery

Janine Shepherd, a cross-country skier, was set to participant in the 1986 Olympic games; she was even a strong contender to earn Australia’s first-ever medal at the winter games. Devastatingly, during a training bike ride through the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Shepherd was hit by a truck. She broke both her back and neck.

Back injuries are very serious and can lead to paralysis or death. The doctors who were treating Shepherd did not expect her to survive. 

Shepherd did survive and she underwent surgery, but when she woke from her operation, doctors told her the grim prognosis. Shepherd says, “The doctor came over to me and said, ‘Janine, the operation was a success… but the damage is permanent. They’re central nervous system nerves. There is no cure. You’re what we call a partial paraplegic and you will have all the injuries that go along with that. You’ll have no feeling from the waist down. At most, you might get 10% to 20% return.’”

Through constant rehabilitation and a sheer desire to beat the odds, Shepherd not only recovered, but thrived. She learned to walk again with only a slight limp. Shepherd explains that the solution for her was recognizing that she was more than just her injury, so she decided to build new dreams. She decided to become a pilot. Remarkably, she took her first flying lesson in a full-body cast, and within a year had obtained her private pilot’s license. After that, she went on to earn a commercial pilot’s license. Ultimately, Shepherd even went on to become the youngest — and only female — director of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).


Reporter Suffers Tragic Injury Abroad but Perseveres 

Giles Duley, a former fashion photographer, discovered his passion when he began traveling the world and photographing the stories of the overlooked and marginalized, like a boy with autism, teens in the streets of Ukraine, refugees who have lived for years in camps, and the injured in South Sudan. During his mission of documenting the unnoticed lives of others, Duley’s life was forever transformed when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Dulay lost both his legs and arms.

After he sustained these grave injuries, Duley was flown back to the United Kingdom where he spent 45 days in intensive care. There were moments during those days when his condition worsened, and at one point, both his lungs and liver began to fail. Against all odds, Duley’s condition stabilized, and he began to prepare for the treatment and rehabilitation that lay ahead. 

With the help of prosthetics and constant rehabilitation, Duley has returned to photography and made plans to return to Afghanistan to complete the assignment he was on then he received his injuries. 


An Athlete Overcomes a Lifelong “Disability” 

Aimee Mullins is an athlete, actress, and fashion model. She was born with a medical condition that resulted in the amputation of both of her lower legs. She was born with fibular hemimelia – a condition in which a person’s fibula bones are missing, and as a result, lost her legs when she was 1 year old.

While attending college at Georgetown University on a full academic scholarship to the School of Foreign Service there, Mullins competed against athletes in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I track and field events, and was the first female amputee in history to do so.

In a TED talk from 2009, Mullins shares why the term “disabled” is no longer appropriate — we will all face adversity of some kind, whether physical or otherwise. She shares the powerful message that it is not about whether you will meet adversity, but how you will approach it.


The Consequences of an International Car Accident 

When Joshua Prager was 19 years old, a devastating bus accident left him a hemiplegic. Prager describes the moment of his injury, “I was looking up at this hilltop – out my window – and I was talking about backpacking. We were going to go backpacking. Then all of a sudden, there was this incredible bang. In an instant, everything changed. My head, it jerked back over my seat; and the third and fourth vertebrae in my neck broke. I remember, as I flew through the air, my head was bobbing on my neck, and my shoes even flew off my feet. When I landed, I couldn’t move.”

20 years later, he returned to Israel to find the driver who caused the bus accident and he wrote a book entitled “Half Life” about his experiences. 


If You Have Been Injured, You can Create Your Own Success Story

Working with the Injury Care Center, patients can address their injuries and move forward on the path to rehabilitation. The Injury Care Center is a leader in providing medical services to those injured at work or in other accidents. The professionals at our center have created an injury care model that achieves better patient engagement and delivers higher-value programs. Our patients are individuals, not just their injuries. At the Injury Care Center, we pride ourselves on being able to offer top-notch patient-centered care.