Tips to Reduce Neck Pain

Some remedies for neck pain can be simple, while others might require more intensive therapy with a medical professional. Neck pain is common among Americans. Indeed, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported recently that about 20% of people have suffered neck pain within the past three months.


Many people have desk jobs that require sitting, bending forward, and looking at a computer for long periods of the day. This can cause the muscles around your neck to tire and become overworked. Lots of Americans are also driving to a from work and sometimes can be in a car for long periods and distances causing stress on your neck Another common cause of neck pain is looking downward at your smartphone. Finding relief from this type of pain can be difficult, but the Injury Care Center is here to offer both tips and treatment. 


TIP #1 Stretch

Some small stretches during your workday can make lots of difference in the level of stiffness or soreness you are experiencing. By lifting your computer monitor to eye level and by making a conscious effort to practice good posture, you are taking great first steps to alleviate soreness from sitting at a desk. Additionally, some small stretches like tilting your head back and forth as well as lowering your head down and lifting it up can help you avoid neck pain. It is also important to take breaks during your workday, commute, or downtime when you are using your smartphone. 

Other specific stretching exercises include rolling your shoulders, squeezing your shoulder blades together and trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. 


TIP #2 Sleep in a Purposefully Supportive Position

People who sleep on their stomachs regularly must twist their heads and necks at odd angles, which can lead to discomfort and stiffness. Laying in this type of awkward position for hours can lead to neck pain. 

Simple remedies include applying heat to the area experiencing pain, using a heating pad or taking a shower could work to relieve some pain by relaxing the muscles. 

One way we could help you is to offer chiropractic care for your stiffness. Having one of our medical professionals administer spinal manipulation can lead to a decrease in pain. 


TIP #3 Mobility

Stillness and inactivity an exacerbate neck pain. Take slow consistent steps to keep moving can be very beneficial in avoiding a worsening of your condition. If even slow movements are painful contact a medical professional as soon as possible. The doctors and staff at the Injury Care Center specialize in treating injury and localized pain and are happy to offer our medical opinions and treatment advice. 


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