Top 3 Reasons To See A Chiropractor Near You

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard about chiropractic, but have not gone yourself. Perhaps you’re confused about what chiropractors do or what they really treat. Maybe you’re afraid of going, or you haven’t had reason to go to one. Regardless of where you stand, there are plenty of ways a chiropractor can prove beneficial for you and your loved ones. Below we will discuss 5 of the top reasons to go see a chiropractor. 


The Nervous System Is The Master System [Reason #1]

Think of your body like a machine and your brain as a super computer. In order for the machine to get the right signals and codes to operate as it should, it needs to receive them properly from the super computer. The computer, which is your brain, transmits these signals through the nerves, which in turn act like electrical wires. Occasionally, there is a blockage to the nerves that is preventing the signals from being transmitted. When this happens, problems arise, and the machine inevitably breaks down. What actually is this blockage, and what does it do to us? We call this blockage causing interference to the nervous system a “subluxation.”

These “subluxations” do not necessarily coincide with pain or the immediate onset of symptoms. Often times, you can have a chronic subluxation that is asymptomatic, but it is wreaking havoc none the less. However, in most cases, these subluxations will cause pain, tightness, or numbness. In some instances, these spinal subluxations can interfere with the nerves that go into our internal organs, and can result in symptoms such as fatigue, stomach pain, constipation, or trouble breathing; just to name a few. Chiropractors are trained professionals who can help analyze and detect these spinal subluxations and correct them.

The lack of overt symptoms is the reason many chiropractors suggest getting checked and “adjusted” once a month to prevent these blockages caused by subluxations from causing serious issues.


Can Working With A Chiropractor Help Me Avoid Drugs Or Surgery? [Reason #2]

Unfortunately, in today’s society we are quick to medicate everything. “A pill for every ill,” as the saying goes. And if drugs don’t work, often times the next step is surgery. Most people go through life only knowing these two options. However, there is an alternative. By going to a chiropractor, you can help prevent the spinal decay that results in the need for surgery, and often times treating an injury to the low back proves to be the safer and perhaps more effective treatment than a surgical procedure. And chiropractic has been proven to be an alternative in patients who may have to turn to opioid use to alleviate the pain.

According to a 2007 study published in the journal titled Clinical Therapy, “Patients with LBP who received chiropractic services were less likely to use narcotic drugs. Chiropractic care appears to be a substitute treatment to pain medication and other health care services in patients with LBP (Low Back Pain)…” Another study showed that “Pain management services provided by doctors of chiropractic may allow patients to use lower or less frequent doses of opioids, leading to lower costs and reduced risk of adverse effects.”  In addition to being very effective at treating low back pain, chiropractors are very adept at treating neck pain, headaches, joint pain, and helping with stress and sleeping issues. 


Can Chiropractors Treat Injuries That Result From Car Accidents? [Reason #3]

YES! Whether it be neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, numbness in the arms or legs, all of these symptoms can result from a car accident. Most car accidents involve a rear end collision and are only occurring at speeds of less than 14mph.

However, nearly half of the people involved in rear end collision end up suffering from chronic, long-term problems. And just because there is not an immediate onset of pain, it does not mean that injury did not occur. When it comes to car accidents, its not unheard of for an individual to be in a violent car crash, for example flipping or rolling their vehicle, and walk away unscathed.

On occasion, they can be pain free after this for up to two years! But then, one day they wake up and feel like they got hit by a bus. That is why it is so important to seek care after a car accident, and seeing a chiropractor more often than not is your best option.

Through careful analysis, chiropractors are very adept at determining the underlying cause of the pain or movement restriction causing discomfort. By undergoing chiropractic adjustments, you can very quickly gain relief and eventual permanent correction of the spinal issues. The alternative, which is inaction and not getting these problems addressed, can and often do result in permanent injury, interfering with an individual’s ability to participate in family life, recreational activity, and more importantly their ability to work and earn an income.

Don’t take the chance of being left in a helpless situation, act now and avoid what you can. 


See A Philadelphia, Glenolden, or Chester Pennsylvania Chiropractor Today!

The number of reasons to go a chiropractor are countless, listed above were merely three. 

Chiropractic as a profession has been around since 1895 and has certainly come a long with in its 100 plus years of existence.

The Injury Care Center, with locations in Glenolden and Chester, has been utilizing chiropractic care for over two decades, so you can be assured that the chiropractic care being offered here is top of the line.

So, if you’re experiencing debilitating pain that has you using drugs and even considering surgery, if you or someone you know and care about has been in a motor vehicle collision, or even if you feel you have a misalignment anywhere in your body robbing you of being able to give your 100%, give us a call.

We’ll get you set up for an initial evaluation, relay our findings to you in terms you can understand, and get you the care you deserve.