Treatment Options for Work Related Injuries

Physical therapy is an industry that’s on track to surpass $45 billion soon. This form of treatment, along with chiropractic care, is often used to help people that are recovering from injuries in the workplace. If you’re dealing with a worker’s compensation case, you’ll owe it to yourself to find natural treatments that can give you the total healing that you’re looking for.

We’re happy to explain. Here’s how chiropractic care and physical therapy will help you with your work-related injuries.

Chiropractors Will Help With Neck and Back Injuries

Professionals can provide massage therapy treatments that will help you decrease the pain and tension that you’re living with after an accident or injury. Neck and back injuries are two of the main kinds of ailments that people deal with in work injuries. These injuries happen in several circumstances, including:

  • Heavy lifting injuries
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Car accident trauma
  • Prolonged wear and tear injuries

Neck and back injuries are tricky because they connect to so many muscle groups. You are likely to make these injuries worse if you let the injuries go unchecked. Chiropractors will help you out by providing adjustments, offering massages, and several other techniques.

Physical Therapy Will Help You Regain Mobility

You’ll often have to take painkillers after a work-related injury. However, physical therapy is the main thing that you need to regain mobility. Your body will become inflamed and will swell up after an accident, which is where physical therapy comes into play.

Physical therapists will get you back used to moving your body, getting the blood flowing, and getting more fluid to your joints. Here are a few of the ways a physical therapist can help you with treatments:

  • Weight training, resistance bands, and other types of resistance training
  • Treadmill and elliptical work
  • Stretching, calisthenics, and mobility workouts
  • Water-based resistance and strength training
  • Boxes, steps, agility ladders, and lower body strengthening exercises

These exercises grease the joints, build strength, and help you get back to your old habits.

Physical Therapists Help You Avoid Surgery

Avoiding surgery is one of the biggest benefits of working with a physical therapist. Surgeries are expensive and might often require follow-up treatments. With physical therapy, you’re building a stronger, better body that is more resilient than it was pre-injury.

Surgeries are an expensive way of healing that can rack up significant medical bills. Physical therapists often specialize in natural treatments that have few side effects. They might incorporate yoga classes to help you elongate your spine and decrease bodily swelling. Surgeries come with long healing times, and you’re always dealing with a margin of error.

Both Can Reduce the Need for Painkillers

Whether you’re looking into chiropractic care or physical therapy, both are all-natural remedies that can reduce your reliance on painkillers. Surgical procedures and neglecting to heal your injuries correctly will inevitably lead to prolonged painkiller use.

This is a serious issue right now, as upward of 29% of patients with opioid prescriptions abuse the use of these drugs. A dependency on painkillers of any variety can lead to internal organ damage. These pills are also highly addictive and simply mask your pain issues without fixing them.

By sticking to natural treatments that strengthen your body, increase blood flow, and make your body more flexible, you can put the painkillers down and get true healing.

Specialists Will Help With Short-Term and Long-Term Care

Physical therapists and chiropractors can assist you in both the short-term and long-term. Many people think that physical therapists and chiropractors are only involved in serious injuries.

These professionals are helpful even if you’re dealing with mild injury issues. A simple chiropractic adjustment can help you maintain posture and reduce the amount of pressure on your spine. A physical therapist can assist you in recovering from a sprain or strain to a fracture or muscle tear.

When you visit one of these professionals, they will put you on a healing plan so that you know your timetable for recovering.

These Services Help You Document Damages

You will also need the help of professionals to increase your chance of winning your work-related injury case. Whether you’re taking a worker’s compensation case to court, settling it outside of court, or simply collecting data while your job handles the claim, it’s important that you document everything.

With each chiropractic or physical therapist appointment, you’ll get professional documentation of your injuries and the methods for healing them. Keep tabs on the bills so that you can recoup these costs when you go to court or file a claim.

You Can Receive Alternative Therapy Treatments

Much of the healing you’re seeking boils down to increasing blood flow and strengthening your muscles. This can happen via several alternative therapy treatments, such as:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Underwater therapy
  • Simulations and games
  • Hot and cold therapies
  • Acupuncture and acupressure

Chiropractors and physical therapists often specialize in these kinds of treatments, so be sure to explore your options.

Get Help With Your Work-Related Injuries

The points above will assist you whenever you need help with your work-related injuries. Finding the help of some pros will help you get back to work and allow you to heal thoroughly.

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