What is DOT Testing?

What is DOT Testing?

A DOT test refers to a drug test procedure required from individuals and private corporations under contract with or under the authority of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Employees who work in very sensitive positions that fall under DOT jurisdiction must undergo a urine drug test. This includes the aviation, maritime, railroads, and transit industries.


The drug and alcohol tests are conducted with precision to ensure accuracy and fairness. There are different ways an employee might be tested, including a urine sample for drug screening and for a Breathalyzer test for alcohol testing.

When is a DOT Test Performed? 

Tests can be given for a number of different reasons. Commonly, tests are first administered during the pre-employment application process. After hiring, employers can request a drug test be performed if they have a reasonable suspeicion the employee is using intoxicating drugs. Employers often include “at random” screenings in their employment handbooks.


If an accident or injury occurs at work, then the employer can request that all parties involved be tested post-accident. On the other side of that, before an employee can return to work after an accident or injury they may have a drug test before returning to duty.


Results of the DOT drug test can take different lengths of time to receive, and can depend on what type of tests were administered. For example, if the drug test is sent to a laboratory, then that facility has between 24-72 hours to release the results.


Importantly, DOT testing results are kept confidential from the general public. Only the medical facility and your employer will see the results. The only exception is if a court of law issues an order requiring those medical documents be released for use in a legal proceeding.


How Often Must an Employer Test Employees? 

Different agencies that are members of the DOT family can require specific drug testing rates to remain in federal compliance. For example, if your employer requires a 50% drug testing rate and alcohol testing rate of 10%, then an employer with 100 employees would have to ensure that 50 or more random drug tests and 10 or more random alcohol tests were conducted during the calendar year.


How can the Injury Care Center Help You With DOT Testing? 

Workplace safety is absolutely paramount, and having easy access to proper testing can ensure that all federal compliance regulations are met. We are qualified to offer DOT-compliant testing National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Our services are important for employees within the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Federal Transit Association (FTA), and United States Coast Guard (USCG) among many others.


The Injury Care Center can help to ensure that your company and your driver drug and alcohol testing program remains in constant compliance to make sure that the employees and that members of the community can live and work in the safest environment possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more information about how the Injury Care Center can help with DOT testing. 

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